From Then Until Now

Lightroom began as two entrepreneurial creatives – Dean Sawatzky & Scott McCullough – with a passion for design, story and media. The spirit of our work has never changed, but now our insights run deep, our expertise unmatched. Over the past 15 years, Lightroom has distilled and pioneered new approaches to experiential marketing and communications. Our work has illuminated the imaginations of audiences worldwide, drawing them inside brands in unprecedented ways.

Transformative Effect

At Lightroom we unleash the power of story – causing it to emerge with transformative effect. Our mission is to create unparalleled experiences.  Experiences that bring visions to life and tell extraordinary stories. Experiences that engage the senses, evoke emotion and inspire action. The design, the technology, the skill, the effort—all strategic and seamless. We lead an integrated approach with an unique breadth of expertise – building on our remarkable track record and harnessing opportunities for innovation.

Realizing the Story

We begin by helping clients define their story. Then we choreograph experiences that will bring the story to life. It could be an immersive gathering place—a microcosm of the offering. Exquisitely shot footage set to voices describing the spirit of the work. 3-D renderings on a multi-screen interactive station. A tactile book that would be at home in an historic library.

It’s about finding the best way to tell your story — realizing its full potential by creating an immersive experience designed to engage and transform your audiences.