Scott McCullough
Principal, Lightroom

Scott is the co-founder and experience engineer of Lightroom and leads the creative vision for Lightroom’s projects. He is an experienced director and executive producer specializing in projects that integrate media across several disciplines including show production, 3D visualization, environmental design and interactive content. Scott’s knowledge of how technology can be used to support project objectives and inform audiences while bringing stories to life has successfully guided clients in their search for distinctive and memorable experiences.

Screenings and installations of Scott’s work have ranged from film festivals and broadcast television to discovery and interpretive centers, world fairs and Fortune 500 AGMs. Scott has also worked on projects for the Panama Pavilion at the Lisbon Expo 98, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic bid team and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic bid team. His understanding of branding, passion for technology and attention to revelatory detail ensure every project is a unique and engaging experience.


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