Our media strategists and designers apply the principles of our experience design process across six disciplines: Show Production, 3D Previsualization, Interactive Media, Environmental Design, Branding & Identity, Presentations & Events.

1) SHOW PRODUCTION: We believe in creating story-driven media. For a message to stand out and be memorable it must be perceived as personally relevant, emotionally moving and story-like in structure. After all, everyone wants to know how a good story turns out.

2) 3D PREVISUALIZATION: The ability to see into the future has many benefits. Our advanced 3D modeling and animation techniques offer our clients the ability to see their product, idea or development before it actually exists. The implications for sales, marketing and communications are immeasurable.

3) INTERACTIVE MEDIA: Giving your audience the ability to interact with your message allowing them to access the information most personally relevant to them in the order that is of greatest interest. Online technologies, mobile apps and touchscreen kiosks are a few of the ways we deliver interactive experiences.

4) ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Whether creating an office, retail space, exhibit or presentation center, physical space offers many opportunities for people to interact with your brand or story. We take an interdisciplinary approach that typically combines all our disciplines creating maximum impact in your space.

5) BRANDING & IDENTITY: Setting yourself apart in a crowded market can be difficult. LightRoom can help you develop a brand and identity that speaks for itself. We do this by developing your brand image, building the design elements of your brand and implementing the chosen style and graphic look in existing and future materials.

6) PRESENTATIONS & EVENTS: One of the most dramatic ways to reach people is through live communications. We create an immersive experience for your audience combining high impact sound and visuals with the dynamics and immediacy of a live presentation.