Environmental Design

Lightroom’s experience in Environmental design goes back over a decade. We have created branded experiential environment for clients across the United Stated, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Our process begins by understanding the project’s design requirements and client objectives.  This forms the basis for our Storyline Pathing process. Storyline pathing is our unique methodology that maps an experiential story through a physical space, creating a path someone will follow as they interact with the story and experience that unfolds through a series of exhibits, interactive station, video screens and projections.  This results in an immersive and memorably branded experience.

Our services range from display design and production to complete turnkey construction documentation and management.  Our Environmental Design projects often span all the disciplines that Lightroom works within, and so our experience design team leverages the power of story through various mediums in order to bring a space to life and create an immersive experience that sets yoru project apart from the competition.

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